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    Grupa Producentów Warzyw Primavega Sp. z o.o. (The Primavega Vegetable-Producers Group Sp. z o.o.) was established as a result of the joining forces by its current members, previously independent farmers, who had been cooperating with each other for over 15 years before making the decision to establish the Group.


    Our product range includes fresh, highest-quality vegetables from traditional field crops, grown in accordance with Good Agricultural Practice.



    More than 3,000 exhibitors from more than 80 countries, more than 77,000 visitors from 130 countries – this is the summary of the Fruit Logistica International Fruit and Vegetable Trade Fair 2018. On 7-9.02.2018 we participated in the Fruit Logistica Trade Fair. It was the perfect place to present your … Continue reading “Fruit Logistica Trade Fair 2018”



    We provide our employees with an opportunity for professional development and support
    in developing their competences necessary to perform their duties.

    Grupa Producentów Warzyw

    PRIMAVEGA Sp. z o.o.

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