At the beginning of 2017, Primavega became involved in social and educational projects initiated by the Museum of King Jan III Sobieski’s Palace in Wilanów. As part of the cooperation undertaken, there will be implemented the Tastes of the Vistula River project, The Four Seasons of the Year – a pro-social and educational project addressed to bloggers, culinary media and chefs, covering the whole of Poland. The aim of the project is to disseminate knowledge about Old Polish cuisine, and to reconstruct its flavours and culture.

    The programme combines historical recipes with contemporary culinary trends. The whole project includes eight meetings, during which lectures are planned, conducted by employees of the King Jan III Sobieski Palace Museum and invited guests – among others, other specialists from Primavega.                   The Museum of King Jan III Sobieski’s Palace, as part of this project, will make available a section of its garden – a blogger’s garden will be created inside it, where participants will plant various, sometimes forgotten, varieties of plants. The harvested crops will be used during culinary workshops.

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    We provide our employees with an opportunity for professional development and support
    in developing their competences necessary to perform their duties.

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