About us

    Primavega Vegetable Grower Group was established in 2012 as a result of merging of several significant vegetable producers from central Poland. The Group includes, among others, the pioneers as well as the largest Polish producers of iceberg lettuce, radicchio chicory, endive and Romain lettuce.

    We have long lasting agrotechnical experience, and through cooperation with research centres we are constantly broadening our knowledge. We are experts in the field of cultivation, storage and packaging of leaf vegetables and broccoli. Employment of the best specialists has made the consolidation of the Group’s market position possible, as well as the execution of bold investment plans.

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    Agro department – controlled cultivation and harvesting.

    Bearing in mind the concern for the quality and safety of our products, we carefully plan the quantity of production, we select appropriate varieties of seedlings and we control the planting.

    We supervise the plant vegetation process and examine the quality of water and soil. We control every batch of raw material in order to achieve the highest quality and gain customer satisfaction.

    We carefully check the entire production process – from the seedlings to the finished product. Our goal is the highest quality products and customer satisfaction.

    Food Safety
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    We are not only producers, but also demanding consumers and for this reason we care so much about the safety of our products.

    • For production, we only use seeds from recognised seed producers.
    • We do not use seed material that has undergone artificial genetic modification.
    • We carry out laboratory analyses.
    • We pay special attention to the use of only certified fertilisers. We do not use untreated organic fertilizers.
    • We regularly replace pesticides with natural plant protection agents.
    • We have implemented and certified the following systems: primary production quality – Global G.A.P, MAAP and in the plant – HACCP, IFS, ISO 22000.

    All activities of our Group are carried out with care for the natural environment. We undertake actions aimed at its improvement and rational use of natural resources.

    • Our facility is equipped with intelligent electrical and cooling installations, which enable current monitoring of energy consumption and control of refrigeration equipment parameters from the level of the BMS system.
    • In the production process we use ecological technologies that reduce the amount of pollution factors entering the atmosphere, water and soil.
    • 3/4 of the plant products consumed depend on bees, this is why we take care to increase their numbers by applying nectarine phacelia and buckwheat to our after-crops.
    Group’s Head Office
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    The facility is equipped with access control and a full monitoring system which improves safety of the production processes by preventing unauthorised persons from entering the premises.

    The outer casing of the building is made of PIR sandwich panels of increased insulation capacity to minimise energy losses. The use of special technology allows for the recovery of heat, which is reused to heat water as well as office space and personnel facilities.

    Our Group’s head office is located in the village of Wróblewo, Naruszewo county, Mazovian region.

    The company remains under permanent supervision of Sanepid [Food Safety and Epidemiology Authority], Regional Commercial Food and Agricultural Product Quality Inspectorate, and is a certified Lloyd’s Register international company, whose traditions related to quality and ensuring the highest standards in the food industry have lasted continuously for over 250 years.

    The facility’s total capacity is ca. 87,000 cubic metres.

    It consist of:

    • 2 storehouses
    • 1 packaging storehouses
    • 3 raw material storehouses
    • 3 finished products storehouses
    • 2 processing production halls
    • operation ramp, open type
    • 2 cooling chambers for vegetables brought from the fields
    • 2 vacuum coolers for rapid (shock) cooling of lettuce
    Quality Standards
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    We cultivate on the area of about 1,100 ha and it continues to grow.
    Our priority is to ensure the highest quality of our products.

    All vegetables are grown in accordance with the Global G.A.P. system, which proves the highest standards in the production process.

    Customer confidence obliges us to maintain the highest standards in the cultivation and packaging of fresh vegetables. We have implemented and certified on an ongoing basis the following standards:

    IFS, HACCP, ISO 14 001, ISO 22 000.

    The entire production process – from seedlings to finished products – is subject to strict control, which ensures safety and the highest quality of the products offered.

    Operation Philosophy
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    We build the success of our company thanks to the satisfaction of our customers. Our goal is to satisfy their needs.

    We can achieve this due to many years of agrotechnical experience and the knowledge and commitment of our employees.

    We adapt production to market needs, especially in terms of quality and quantity of goods.

    We try to use environmentally- friendly cultivation methods, production technologies and waste management methods.

    Our intention is to protect the quality of water resources, soil and landscape and to stimulate biodiversity.


    We provide our employees with an opportunity for professional development and support
    in developing their competences necessary to perform their duties.

    Grupa Producentów Warzyw

    PRIMAVEGA Sp. z o.o.

    Wróblewo Osiedle 14

    09-152 Naruszewo, Polska

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